Website Tech Support

Web Designer in New York City Elizabeth HallidayHey, things happen. Sometimes you need website tech support. Normal website tech support includes items such as email reconfiguration, renewals, server crashes, incorrectly entered data in the CMS that makes your page display all weird... we can handle it.

For website tech support, we prefer that you send us an email with a description of the issue. This way we have a record of when your request came in and we can diagnose the problem and get on it. We follow up with a phone call to get more information.

If you are having trouble with data entry, we review the entry to make sure you entered everything correctly. Sometimes you just need to re-enter some data to get everything working again. We walk you through the process until your entry appears correctly and you are confident on how to use the system.

For database crashes or server outages, we try to post a "Temporarily Under Maintenance" message so your customers won't be alarmed if they don't see your site.

Email settings can get shuffled if you have added any programs to your harddrive, and even your own browser or network can go down, making it hard for your to get to your site. We sort it all out.

We work through all kinds of website tech support issues every day. So, when you run into trouble, we can fix it, often the same day.