Private Domain Name Registration

Private domain name registration cheap

Get a Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
to protect online form submissions
on your websites.

for web hosting, email accounts,
domain name registration,
Blogs, CMS and more.

Did you know that many spammers pick their victims from the public registry of domain name owners? Having a private domain name helps protect you from getting inundated with SPAM. We can set you up with the privacy for domain names that you need to keep your inbox clear.

Along with Private Domain Name Registration, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology lets you feel safe when entering information online.

Strong passwords are required for all users of our Content Management Systems (CMS).

Being smart about your privacy settings, both personally and professionally, will keep the spammers and hackers off your track.

We recommend that all users keep their passwords private, and change them regularly. Making offline backups on a regular basis will also help you mitigate any loss should the unthinkable happen - you get hacked.

Please note: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and thousands of other sites, track your behavior online. Read their privacy policies so you understand the implications of using certain sites.

Don't click on suspicious looking sites, don't answer emails asking for personal information, keep your spam filter updated, and be sure to review and clean up your caches and cookies regularly. Pay attention to privacy policies on websites, as other sites may collect and share more information than you realize. Elizabeth International never sells or shares our clients' personal or business information with anyone.

Of course, we also recommend having a virus protection program, and keeping it up to date.

While evil-doers will always exist, ready to hack your accounts and send you thousands of spam messages, we can prevent a lot of damage if we are smart about our online activities. Elizabeth is committed to working with our clients to protect their data and respond quickly if necessary. Online security is an ever-growing issue. So do your part to stay smart.