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Web Designer in New York City Elizabeth Halliday

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Website Development encompasses every aspect of creating and maintaining your Internet presence. Website design is at the core of this process. It makes your idea a reality.

Many items stem from this seed, and like all living things websites need attention. Growth needs to be managed.

Elizabeth International Website Design in New York will help you create your website and setup the environment in which your Internet presence can grow. Please read the following pages, and Contact Us to learn more.

Once we help you decide what to build and how to build it, we will then help you set it up on the Web and launch your site to the World! Website Hosting Account services include:

After the website design and website hosting account setup is complete, we now move on to have ongoing maintenance and marketing. For our Content Management System clients we will teach you how to maintain the website yourself. For standard sites, we are happy to make updates, as often or as infrequently as you wish. Of course, for more technical or structual revisions - big or small - we are available. This involves:

Now comes the part where you tell the world who you are! Using search engine optimization techniques and working with the major search engines, Elizabeth International Website Design will help you get verified on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, as well as get you setup with regular communications with your customers. We'll even help you try some online advertising.

After all this work, you should congratulate yourself on creating a full-bown Internet presence that will enhance your reputation and extend your reach to the entire world. Well done!!!