Website Design


Elizabeth can create images and layouts in Fireworks

Elizabeth can create and enhance you images in Adobe Photoshop

Elizabeth can create web pages and files in Adobe Flash

Elizabeth can create images and logos in Adobe Illustrator

Elizabeth can create docs and web pages in Adobe Acrobat for PDF

Elizabeth will set you up at Google with SEO and a custom Search Engine for your site

Elizabeth will set you up at Google Wallet / Google Checkout

Elizabeth will set you up at Google's YouTube

Elizabeth will set you up at Google Maps

Elizabeth will set you up at Google Docs

Elizabeth will set you up at Google Analytics

Elizabeth will set you up at Google Places

Elizabeth will set you up at Google AdWords and AdSense

Elizabeth will set you up with a blog at Google Blogger


Apple iCloud Services

Elizabeth will set you up with a WordPress site

PayPal on Websites

Get a Facebook Page

Get signed up for Twitter

Get connected with LinkedIn

Get a website design that reflects who you are.

If you don't yet have a website, we can build one for you Right Now.

If you do have a website and don't like it anymore, we can rebuild it for you. That's what we do.

Key Benefits of Custom Website Design:

  • Enhance Corporate identity
  • Provide current information     
  • Develop new revenue streams      
  • Increase existing sales
  • Decrease existing costs
  • Extend reach beyond local area

The Process:

First, we decide on what you want to do with the site. Do you sell products? Provide a service? Is it fun? Serious?

Second, we determine the level of programming you need. Shopping cart for E-commerce? Content for an online magazine or newsletter? A photography portfolio? All this makes a difference.

Third: The Look. We work with you until we've created your personal online image.

Fourth: We build it. We write it. Program it. Design it. Lay it all out and test it. We test it again. You test it. Only after you are satisfied do we debut your website on the Internet.

What's next? Maintenance. Keep it fresh. Add a video. Make sure content isn't out of date. We can maintain it, or train you how to manage email.

Not enough? Promote it. Ask us about Online Marketing and Advertising on Google, Yahoo! and other search engines.

Capabilities: As an award-winning design shop, we work with you to create an online presence that confers credibility and extends your reach to new visitors and potential customers. Each site is custom made.

Call for a free estimate at 212-360-5050.

Whether leading a team of developers and artists, or creating a custom website design from scratch, Elizabeth manages all aspects of each project: website architecture, layout and graphics, database development for content management systems, editorial consulting and writing, website hosting account management, domain name management, site launch, client training and support.

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