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Continue to touch base with your customers with Email Marketing Powered by MailChimp.

Elizabeth International uses several reputable vendors for mass email marketing campaigns, including MailChimp,, and others.

With regular content from you, recipients on your email list can feel connected with you and learn about what is happening within your company, or in their industry.

Email Marketing services include:

  • Email Marketing Campaign Management
  • Attractive Email Templates
  • Email Contact List Management
  • Track Bounce-backs and dead links
  • See who opens your email - and who doesn't
  • Legal, Opt-in Lists so you don't spam
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We can help you organize your list, remove duplicates, standardize the address format, import your contact list into the email marketing manager, design a template and send out your first campaign. We can also help you figure out the stats, showing how many people opened your email or how many addresses are obsolete. This information is important, because it tells you if your message is getting through, and that your communications are reaching the right people.