Updating Your Website

Web Designer in New York City Elizabeth HallidayIs your site a little old - and needs some fresh photos? Description outdated? Key staff on the contact page long gone? We can help.

After the initial deployment of your website, we move on to Maintenance and Updates. Perhaps you initially could only get a static site - and now you want a CMS. We can help.

If you just need a tweak here and there, for images, new pages, new email addresses, and more, we can assist you on an as-needed basis.

Often people opt for an initial website, and then every year or so add a new module or a new section to have their website adapt and grow along with their business. We think this is the best possible strategy, which simultaneously delivers information and access to your customers, and also keeps you in charge of costs and growth.

We will always advocate for the simplest, most cost-effective way to manage your website goals, and will not try to sell you on a bunch of Flash or other features that may be totally unnecessary.

Website Training and Support includes onsite computer repair visits, one-on-one training, group training, site updates, telephone consultation and remote assistance. We prefer to do our updating in our studio, yet travel to your location for training and consultation.