Content Management Systems (CMS)

Web Designer in New York City Elizabeth HallidayElizabeth International Web Design builds custom Content Management Systems (CMS) to your exact specifications. We are also experienced in using some of the latest open source CMS builders available today. This includes Shopping Carts for E-Commerce websites.

Content Management Systems allow you to hold your content in a database, and have all that info retrieved on-the-fly by the web page.

So, there are three components: the database that holds the information, the web page that displays that info, and the back-end admin panel where you enter and update that info.

The advantage is that pages will design themselves and you only have to enter it once.

The challenge is to anticipate what you need and design these three components so that your site will function seemlessly for years. We only come in when you need a tweak or an upgrade, or a new staffer needs some training.

Website Content Management Systems by Elizabeth in New York include news, calendars, photo galleries, document libraries, shopping carts and more.

Each CMS has a password to gain access to the admin system. We recommend that each user login with a unique password, whether it be for the administrators or for the website's customers.

Full-blown CMS E-Commerce sites with shopping carts will manage customer access via a separate login system, which often includes the customer's order history.

Developing a custom content management system is a complex task that requires focus from us - and you too. We only want to code this once, so it is super important to be clear and comprehensive from the get-go.

Whether leading a team of developers or building just one CMS module from scratch, Elizabeth manages all aspects of each project: website architecture, layout and graphics, database development for content management systems, editorial consulting and writing, website hosting account management, domain name management, site launch, client training and support.