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Elizabeth International Website Design has been in business since 1998, consistently delivering affordable websites for a variety of clients. We seek to build sites that serve our clients' needs at a budget they can afford. Please review the sites below, and the technology provided in them. 



Elizabeth uses Adobe Dreamweaver to build complex websites and website content management systems

Elizabeth can create images and layouts in Fireworks

Elizabeth can create and enhance you images in Adobe Photoshop

Elizabeth can create images and logos in Adobe Illustrator

Elizabeth can create docs and web pages in Adobe Acrobat for PDF


Elizabeth will set you up at Google with SEO and a custom Search Engine for your site

Elizabeth will set you up at Google Wallet / Google Checkout

Elizabeth will set you up at Google's YouTube

Elizabeth will set you up at Google Maps

Elizabeth will set you up at Google Docs

Elizabeth will set you up at Google Analytics

Elizabeth will set you up at Google Places

Elizabeth will set you up at Google AdWords and AdSense

Elizabeth will set you up with a blog at Google Blogger


Apple iCloud Services

Elizabeth will set you up with a WordPress site

PayPal on Websites

Get a Facebook Page

Get signed up for Twitter

Get connected with LinkedIn

Indulgems: Gemstone jewelry

Online Store:

as seen on Good Morning America

AstaLaw - MYSQL / PHP Content Management System for Law Firm

Law Firm

tambien En Español

Website Design for Author, Auctioneer and Speaker Lorna Kelly:
SEO: Charity Auctioneer

#1 on Google in Category
Website Design for Construction Firm Construction Firm:

#1 on Google in Category
Website Design for Film Company WordPress:
Film Reviews
Public Relations firm in New York City Public Relations Firm:
Joomla CMS
Event Planning and website coordination

Event Planning

Site with Event Planning + Conference Appearances

Website Design for Insurance Agency Author & Speaker:
Static. Simple. Client thrilled!
Website Design for Non Profit Agency Non-Profit Agency:
Combo Windows / Linux CMS
Harlem, New York City - Webmaster for 13 years Community Health Center:
Windows / ASP
Linux / PHP CMS


We work diligently to ensure we complete every task on time and on budget. We work with clients who do not have large tech budgets. Our primary goal is to deliver a website that serves your needs and enhances your reputation. Many of our clients have been with us for more than a decade. We invite you to review our client list, and contact us directly to discuss your project: (516) 220-2700.

    Government: *

  • * all sites decommissioned due to changes in administrations
     (# years contracted)

    Queens Borough President's Office (15 yrs)
    Bronx Borough President's Office (6 yrs)
    Community Board 8 - Brooklyn (4 yrs)
    Community Board 9 - Brooklyn (15 yrs)
    Community Board 17 - Brooklyn (4 yrs)
    Community Board 7 - Bronx (3 yrs)
    Community Board 5 - Manhattan (6 yrs)
    Community Board 12 - Queens (6 yrs)
    Flushing Remonstrance Project (15 yrs)
    Queens Community Boards - Umbrella Site (7 yrs)
    KEDO - Korean Energy Development Organization (4 yrs)

Each project requires different skills and expertise. Either managing a team of developers and artists, or creating a custom website design from scratch, Elizabeth Halliday oversees all aspects of each project: website architecture, layout and graphics, database development for content management systems, editorial consulting and writing, website hosting account management, domain name management, site launch, client training and support.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google Webmaster Tools Google Analytics Google Places Google Local Google Mail (gmail) Google Apps Google Maps Google Drive Google AdWords and AdSense Google Blogger Google Wallet (Google Checkout) Google Voice Google Vi