Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

ssl certificates for encrypted data submission

for Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
technology to protect online forms
submissions on your websites.

for web hosting, email accounts,
domain name registration,
Blogs, CMS and more.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology lets you feel safe when entering information online.

When you enter data on a form on one of our websites protected by an SSL, that data is encrypted while its on its way to the server.

Often used in conjunction with our Content Management Systems (CMS), sites secured with an SSL offer a better level of protection than having no security certificate at all.

Purchasing an SSL and applying it on top of your website will help ensure that your data - and your customers' data - is safe.

Of course, we must acknowledge that there are many nefarious people out there devoting their lives to hacking your site. We must try to use best practices to keep the criminals at bay. Also, we recommend always keeping offline data backups, and we encourage you to never give out your password to anyone.

Should you decide to contract us to develop your website, other security measures can be discussed during our initial planning meetings.